Initiate Eternity

In March of 2022 a family friend asked me to draft some logos for her company which was in search for a new logo that represents the meaning of the firm’s name (which quite literally means ‘initiate eternity’). Since this was a request from a family friend I had to work without compensation, I could have just played dumb and told her that I was not savvy enough for the job, but anyways I took the chance to run an experiment with the goal of creating these logos not using a traditional vector-based workflow, instead in a 3D volume manipulation environment, that is in ZBrush, my favorite application.

I drew some speed drafts of around 100 pages then picked some interesting ones, modeled them in ZBrush then grabbed the rendered image and converted them into .svg files, each step was an experiment, the result looks promising however it was more difficult and less rewarding (<= 0) than I expected. I came to realize that for such projects (ones that clearly benefit from vector manipulation) it is better to use a vector drawing program.

Ultimately none of the logos was used as the firm’s logo. I was told that they were too abstract they wanted something pretty much just shows the name in an artistic calligraphy and that was it.

This was somewhat a memorable project, so I kept these logos now I put them here along with the story behind them.

The logos’ imageries are centered around the impression of the sun and the human eye.